The script for ‘The Last of Us: Part III’ is basically ready.

Naughty Dog may be working on several projects, one of which will be a multiplayer game revolving around The Last of Us. There are also rumors that they are working on a rework of the original game, but both Sony and the developer have been keeping quiet about what they are working on so far.

So we have to navigate the rumors and through Sorry about the leaks Some new details about The Last of Us’ multiplayer have surfaced on Twitter. For example, this game should initially appear as Battle Royale, but that has been completely fixed. The best description that can now be given is a combination of Escape from Tarkov with The Division, complete with modes based on the original multiplayer.

The version will be launched first on PlayStation 5 and after that the game will also be brought to PC. Furthermore, the developer is working on a major new title and Neil Druckman will not be involved in this project. It’s also something different than what the developer has done before, it will have a fancy setting and the game is currently in full production.

Back in The Last of Us, this is how Part Three begins. According to Oops Leaks, the script is now pretty much ready, but the studio is mainly busy with other projects, so it might be a while before they actually start making this game. However, there is a possibility that it will start sooner than expected, as the studio is expanding.

It all sounds a lot of fun, but Oops Leaks doesn’t have the track record of, say, Tom Henderson. So take this with a wheelbarrow full of salt.

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