The speed of electric scooters in Paris is limited to 10 km …

In different parts of Paris, the speed of the electric scooter is now automatically limited to ten kilometers per hour. The three major rental companies introduced the measure on Monday.

The speed limit is especially applicable in areas where pedestrians and e-step users come into contact with each other regularly, such as Reports Le Parisien newspaper. This mainly pertains to parks, squares, tourist places and school perimeters.

The speed limit is included in the vehicle via GPS. As soon as the e-scooter enters one of the designated areas, the speed automatically drops to 10 kilometers per hour.

On the initiative of the City Council, this system was already tested last summer in the Louvre and in several squares. The renters of about 15,000 e-scooters in the French capital have expanded this area.

banks of the Seine

The Paris City Council may decide to increase the speed limit area. Alderman Mobility David Billiard reports in Le Parisien that the banks of the Seine and some busy shopping streets are not yet covered by the measure.

Electric scooters accidents are also a topic of debate in France. Those accidents have already killed two people in Paris this year and injured 329 others.

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