The stigma surrounding mental health continues to haunt the corporate world

Even before Covid took us out of emotional balance, the topic of “mental health” was already on the company’s agenda. In 2019, a committee of chief executives compiled the report ‘Mental Health: A Workers’ Crisis“. a Must be read For managers. But although the report is interesting, perception about the topic still plays a major role.

The Mental Health Report is about the costs and benefits of mental health in the workplace, but it is also about productivity. So any management team will have a good reason to take this issue seriously.

Afraid to ask for help

But the “human side” is just as important in this story. Because the shame and – unjustified – discrimination that accompanies this, people slow down to seek appropriate help. This should be removed. It would be helpful if the business leaders themselves spoke out about their problems. As the former CEO of Lloyds Bank (who has since been appointed Chairman of Credit Suisse) Antonio Horta Osorio I did. Unfortunately, examples of this kind are unfortunately rare.

Weakness for the faint of heart

Not many people like to show this kind of “weakness”. Just think of Lloyd Blankfein, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs. Continue to work during chemotherapy. When you see how many executives are actually perplexed about whether to share their physical illness with others, it is hard to imagine that they will be upfront about their mental health. But it will help remove the stigma surrounding the topic. (ddw)

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