The UK bill could undermine the right to seek asylum

British Home Secretary Priti Patel today presented her plans for a new asylum policy in Parliament. Be aware that the new laws will allow asylum seekers to pursue foreign asylum and those coming to the UK to face criminal charges, while not seeking asylum.

“This terribly bad bill would undermine the right to asylum in the UK and elsewhere,” said Steve Waldes-Symonds, project director for refugee and immigrant rights at the UK’s Amnesty International.

British Prime Minister Patel says he wants to tackle the smuggling of people across the channel. He also wants to punish countries that refuse to repatriate their own citizens through visa restrictions for legal migration from that country.

Blaming vulnerable immigrants

Amnesty International fears the new law could convict thousands of refugees and vulnerable immigrants seeking a better life. “Instead of drafting this utterly bad bill, the Department of the Interior should create safe passages for those seeking refuge here to escape persecution,” said Steve Waldes-Symonds.

“This dangerous and grossly unjust law will damage Britain’s international reputation. Duties can no longer be fulfilled. “

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