The UK has selected TikTokker Sam Ryder as an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest

It’s a beautiful day for those who love it Eurovision Songfestival, because in addition to Belgium, the UK also announced its entry today. Every year the Brits end as well as in the past, but they want to change that this year with singer and tiktoker Sam Ryder. He will try to convince Europe (and Australia) of Space man.

It’s no secret that the UK often finishes with 0 points in the Eurovision Song Contest. That was also the case last year, when singer James Newman sent in. However, the British will want to see that change this year. They send singer Sam Ryder, who has also become known on TikTok and has over 12 million subscribers there.

Space man

Although the UK is one of the countries where most of the superstars come from, it has not been successful in the Eurovision Song Contest for many years. As major lenders, the British are always allowed to apply directly to the final, but they are often forgotten there. On Lucie Jones with Never give up on you After that, she failed to make the top 20 in the past seven years.

Singer Sam Ryder now has to change that on his own with his song Space man. Ryder is an artist who gained popularity during the lockdown thanks to TikTok. The singer has done well with all kinds of songs from Adele and The Weeknd, among others, and due to his success on the app, he has already given a number of concerts all over Europe. So now he has the opportunity to be on the biggest stage in Europe, and he does so Space mana narrative song about the world and the astronauts.

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Listen Space man From Sam Ryder here:

Also check out some of his TikToks:

Tweet embed Love this BTS banger! Who is watching the first live broadcast tomorrow?! # retweet #fyp シ #fupage #kpop # tale #jungkook #jimin #jungkook # Hahahahahahahaha ♬ Original sound – Sam Ryder
Tweet embed LEAN ON ME Link in CV 😃⚡️ # stallion # tale #depended on # lebanon #fyp #fupage #sing # Tranquility ♬ Original sound – Sam Ryder

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