The Umbrella Academy will be getting a new primer next year – The Umbrella Academy – Season 2

2024 will be a big year for The Umbrella Academy. Not only is the fourth and final season streaming on Netflix, but a new prequel book was just released open By bestselling author Alyssa Shinmel.

The official summary of the book states: “The Umbrella Academy has always been exceptional – ready to jump into super-powered action at any moment. But now that Five is gone and their fame is on the rise, sometimes all Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Ben, and Viktor want is to be normal… which is a lot easier than What you do when you’re raised by someone like Hargreaves.

For a demanding and domineering father figure, nothing is ever enough; Which is why, while having dinner over their latest mission, Ben explodes, prompting Klaus to suggest that they all need a change of scenery – just one night of partying like a group of normal teenagers. In fact, Klaus knows exactly where he is; There’s a dorm in a nearby college town that blows tires on the weekends. What could go wrong?

They soon realize that sneaking out of the Hargreeves’ home – the castle – is the least of their worries. When the six teens promised not to use their powers under any circumstances, they failed to consider the ultimate power of teen drama. Facing strange earthquakes, strange partygoers, and a potential new enemy, the Umbrella Academy must choose between the night they’ve always dreamed of and an unexpected mission that could save the world and – finally – earn the Hargreeves’ approval.

Chainmill is known for writing several novels for young adults, including Outer Banks: Lights Out, The Castle School (For Troubled Girls), What Kind of Girl, A Danger to Himself and Others, and Anonymous.

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The book will be released on June 28 and pre-orders are available now.

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