The United Kingdom is testing a new environment label

The first test with the new eco label will take place in the UK in the fall. Inspired by the colors of traffic lights, this system may also form the basis for the European environmental score.

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The ‘Traffic Light System’ should inform consumers about the environmental impact of the products they buy, thus helping them to make more sustainable choices. This system is set up Foundation Earth, A new non-profit organization backed by the British government, a food company Nestle And brands Marx & Spencer, Sainsbury’s Ann Cooperative.

During a pilot program in the fall, Before the package The Guardian reports that for the first time, a wide variety of foods and beverages are being eco-rated. Products are rated A to G and color coded, green represents the most eco-friendly products and red is the least environmentally friendly, based on a system developed by Oxford University food scientists with its support WWF. It assesses the environmental impact of a substance in terms of CO2 emissions, water consumption, water pollution and biodiversity loss.

For a European organization?

The Foundation Earth publication brings together key players in the food science, food production and retail business, and is partly funded by the Food Innovation Initiative. EIT food From the European Commission.

A nine-month research program parallel to the pilot program combines the Oxford system with a system K. U. Leven And the Spanish Research Institute AZTI, To create an eco-scoring system that can be used across Europe by 2022.

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