The United Kingdom requires travelers from the red regions to quarantine their hotel at their own expense

The United Kingdom continues to be severely affected by the Coronavirus. That is why today it extended the lockdown to at least March 8th. In addition, there will also be stricter measures for those who return from the danger zone.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in the House of Commons today that the strict lockdown will be extended until at least March 8. This closure means that schools will remain closed until then and that unnecessary movements are prohibited. UK residents are only allowed to leave their homes for essential travel and sports. But a new measure has also been announced.

Quarantine in hotels

In principle, travel is prohibited, but anyone entering the UK for basic reasons is permitted to enter the country. This is checked upon entry. Anyone who does not have a valid reason or will have to pay a fine will be returned. But anyone traveling to the UK for good reason just can’t enter. Every traveler must respect the ten-day quarantine. And for travelers from countries with increased risks, this quarantine will continue in a hotel room as of next week.

These high-risk countries are mainly countries from South America and South Africa. Additionally, Portugal can also be found on the list. Passengers entering the UK from these countries will be immediately escorted at the airport and then required to stay in a hotel room for ten days at their own expense.

Quarantine the hotel

The use of hotel rooms for quarantine is not new. The system has been in use for several months in various Asian countries, such as South Korea and Hong Kong. In this way, travelers can still enter the country, but it can be ensured that they have not contracted the Coronavirus.

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There, procedures apply to all incoming travelers, regardless of where they come from. The UK Labor Party also wants to extend this measure to everyone entering the country.

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