The United Kingdom wants stricter migration legislation; An example is Denmark

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel is set to introduce a bill next week to allow the UK government to send asylum seekers abroad. Those statements The Times.

Why is this important?

It will be interesting to see how (now) the UK, which left the EU, handles migration. Brexit has been largely due to widespread dissatisfaction with the issue. This is the first time the UK has tried The sea Establishment of a processing center for asylum seekers. British-Danish cooperation will encourage “joint EU action” in shaping future migration policies.

Excitement. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be keen on the project Brussels Report. More than 5,600 immigrants are said to have crossed the channel on dangerous voyages in small boats this year.

  • Sending asylum seekers to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic was an earlier idea of ​​the British government. A processing center will be built on that island. They also toyed with the idea of ​​turning unused boats into processing centers at sea.
  • Now the UK is in talks with Denmark about sharing a hub in Africa.

Incorrect signal. The European Commission has previously rejected the Danish model, saying it was a “false signal”.

  • In the 1990s, Denmark implemented an exceptional position based on European immigration and asylum policy. The country is not required to participate in the distribution of asylum seekers in EU member states.
  • Meanwhile, the European Parliament and Council recently agreed to transform the “European Asylum Support Office” into an “EU asylum body”.
    • This new agency will have a strengthened mandate: to improve asylum and reception systems in non-EU countries and to support EU and member state resettlement programs, as well as the UN.
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Australia and Germany? The Danish model is very similar to Australia, he argues Brussels Report. It has succeeded in reducing the number of sinks in the diaspora to almost zero.

  • The idea of ​​foreign asylum shelters also received support from the German liberal FDP a few years ago, which may come to power in Germany after the September elections.

Critics: Former Brexit campaigner explores UK border crisis, UK MEP Nigel Farage was also not convinced by Australia’s approach. He wants to push the immigrants back.

  • Farage agrees that this is not something that the European Court of Human Rights will recognize, and that the UK will have to leave the European Convention on Human Rights in order for the “meeting” to take place.
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