The US and UK are cutting off Russian oil and gas, but can Europe do it too?

According to experts, it is easier to reduce dependence on Russian oil than to reduce dependence on gas, because oil is transported by sea ships. Gas passes through pipelines and a particular pipeline can only transport one particular type of gas.

Hans Van Cleef, an energy expert at ABN Amro, said earlier that getting rid of Russian oil in this way is also not feasible. “Refineries are built to process a specific type of oil. Russian Ural oil is a heavy and thick type, good for diesel oil for example, while American oil is lighter. A refinery can’t just change oil.”

out of gas?

Getting rid of Russian gas is more complicated. However, the import of Russian gas in January and February is already shrink Because more liquefied gas is imported. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the EU has at least bought enough liquid gas to get through this winter.

Professor Mulder says complete independence from Russian gas is not possible in the short term. “When you increase LNG, you reach a limit. The same goes for increasing domestic gas production. The UK has already been produced almost completely empty. So these are drops in the ocean.”

The European Commission has also considered this issue and wants the EU to use two-thirds less Russian gas within a year. According to the International Energy Agency, consumption can only be reduced by a third during that period. There is still no proof from the authority, but the plans will not directly lead to lower prices, because the demand for oil and gas is very high at the moment.

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