The voice of Stupro, Michel Couvillier (28) puts her finger on the wound after the killing of British Sarah (33): “We women are allowed to be on the street” | The interior

The murder of Sarah Everard, 33, in London does not leave the Belgians unimpressed. Sarah was walking down the street alone at night when she was kidnapped and murdered early this month. Being attacked while walking alone in the dark after dark is a fear many women have. Introduction by StuBru Michèle Cuvelier (28) defends them. “We are allowed to be on the street.”

Sarah, 33, disappeared on March 3 while on her way home from a friend’s apartment in South London in the evening. Her body was found last week in a so-called “big bag”, used for construction, among other things, in a forest near Kent.

The British woman had to be identified by her teeth. This indicates that she was severely beaten. Police officer Wayne Cousins, 48, is in prison on suspicion of kidnapping and murder.

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This case causes a lot of emotion in the United Kingdom. Women on social media witness how they are afraid to go home alone at night or how men harass or sexually abuse them but women are also aware of this fear outside the UK. For example, Michelle Covelier feels uncomfortable when she leaves for work early in the morning.

“The first thing in the morning I do is hurry down the street, get in my car and lock it immediately. Imagine it’s 4:30 in the morning. Something has to happen,” the presenter testified at Studio Brussel. “When you go by groups of men, always be afraid.”

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Maybe we could focus better on the other end of the street. Men who harass girls.

Introduction by StuBru-Michel Coveller (28)

After Sarah’s murder, British police tactfully call on women not to go out alone at night, but Covelier does not agree. “No, we are allowed to be on the street. Maybe we can focus better on the other side in the street. Boys who molest girls” She puts her finger on the wound.

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