The weather will change with the wind blowing Friday, and the sun will rise next week

Summer is nothing to write home about. Even this Wednesday 4th August is no exception to the rule. Still, there seems to be little light at the end of the tunnel.


Weather media Veronline predicts. “From next Wednesday, the chance of rain seems to be decreasing and we will end up in calm water depending on the weather type. The sun often shines and the temperature rises. The maximum average temperature is 20 to 24 degrees.

This week

Back to this week. Wednesday starts well with more sun. However, it will not last long. “As it warms, more and more overall clouds form,” Vironline predicts. It will be dry for a long time, but there may be some rain in the afternoon. “In addition, there may be a lot of rain in the local area and thunderstorms are not excluded.” Eventually it will not rain everywhere and with temperatures of 20 to 22 degrees it will be the best summer weather. It’s very cold at this time of year. In early August, values ​​towards 25 degrees are common.

In the afternoon, rain and overall clouds will gradually lead to calm summer evening weather. However, the temperature will quickly drop below 20 degrees. “So the extra layer is not an unnecessary luxury,” Veronline writes.

That weather picture will not change in the coming days. A sunny start, followed by a gradual increase in clouds. Heavy rain is likely in the afternoon. “But it often dries up with the change of clouds and the sun,” explains Veronline’s changeable weather. The sun is also hot because there is no wind.

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Windy Friday

Until Friday, because the southwest wind, with five winds, will be very strong. “On beaches, the wind takes it a step further, it can sometimes blow hard, and the wind force is river,” Veronline writes. It also includes low perceived temperatures. There should be good weather for walking.

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