The Z Fold 6 Slim’s display is very large, measuring 8 inches, according to rumors

You just have to wait a little longer and Samsung will unveil the next generation of foldable devices. We already knew that there would be a regular Z Fold 6, but now it appears that there will also be a Z Fold 6 Slim. However, this “smart” device is not as slim as you might expect.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim

Rumors of multiple models in the Z Fold 6 series have been around for months, but now they’re coming. the edge With some interesting news. The Z Fold 6 Slim’s internal display will be 8 inches, which is slightly larger than the 7.6 inches on most Z Fold models. The external display also gets a small upgrade to 6.5 inches, compared to 6.2 inches on previous Folds.

It’s hard to call a device with larger screens a smart one. However, the slimness lies mainly in the thickness of the device. The Z Fold 6 Slim does not have S-Pen support, so it is thinner than regular Z Fold smartphones. Samsung will make a maximum of 500,000 of these models. Therefore, the device will not be released everywhere in the world, only in the US, China and Korea, according to rumors.

Galaxy Unpacked Wednesday, July 10 at 3pm

It’s still unclear when we can expect the Z Fold 6 Slim. On Wednesday, July 10 at 3 p.m. ET, Samsung will show off new products during its Galaxy Unpacked event. We expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 there. We’re also looking forward to new wireless earbuds and smartwatches. It seems unlikely that we’ll see the Z Fold 6 Slim here as well, but nothing is impossible.

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Are you interested in the Z Fold 6 Slim or will you stick with the regular Z Fold 6?

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