There is no evidence of the existence of “Nederland nv”.

WHO UK Companies House Register under serial number OE029714 It seems, an entity called the “Kingdom of the Netherlands”. This sounds crazy, and in one video On YouTube, the presenter wonders aloud why the Kingdom of the Netherlands is not located in the Netherlands. He concludes that a criminal case or a parliamentary investigation should be launched on the subject. Ninefornews, which often publishes misinformation, Pecked The matter. On Facebook Someone adds that paying taxes to a company is punishable. One could have saved oneself all this fuss by checking out what this is all about.

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No, the Netherlands is not registered as a company. This only concerns the Dutch Embassy in London, which is registered in the UK.


The Dutch Foreign Ministry provided clarification on the matter at the request of the German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur. “In 2022, the Dutch embassy in London received a letter from the British government stating that they had to register in a new location.”Register of Offshore Entities“It is a register of all foreign organisations that have property in England,” says the spokesman.

“The intention is that the British government wants to have more insight into all foreign owners of buildings in England, for example, in order to better tackle illegal activities (such as money laundering of criminal funds). Because the Dutch Foreign Ministry owns the London Affairs (the office and staff residence of the ambassador), the embassy has been asked to register as a foreign owner.”

By analogy, this also includes: Kingdom of Belgiumthe Republic of Italy If only Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal Registered on the Entity List abroad.

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Mandatory registration

In fact, offshore entities (companies or other organisations) wishing to buy or sell property in the UK must register with Companies House, the UK’s commercial register. This can be read on their website websiteThe rule has been in effect since 2022.

The German Press Agency (DPA) also contacted us to ask why there was no “beneficial owner” registered at the Dutch embassy in London. A spokesperson for Companies House explained: “As foreign governments are not owned by any individual or legal entity, they will normally not be able to provide details of the beneficial owner. They will therefore provide details of the director instead.”Administrative Officer)).”

In short, there is absolutely nothing suspicious about registering the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK.

(Operation status: 03.07.2024)

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