These Android smartphones received (security) update – Week 12

A week with some updates, but OnePlus and LG, among others, rolled out the Android 11 update for some of their smartphones. Of course, we’ve also seen some security updates go through under review.

Read on after the announcement.

Overview of the Android security update Week 12-2021

Android Planet keeps you updated with smartphone updates every day. This usually relates to devices that receive a version update, for example if they have been updated to Android 10 Or Android 11. By the way, we have that for that Android 10 overview at Android 11 overview Called in life. In these overview articles, you can find out if and when your phone will be updated exactly. Also check our size Security update overviewYou can even see when your device received updates.

However, security updates are just as important. These stains keep woe away AdwareAnd the MalwareAnd the Ransomware at Porcelain outdoor. These updates are rolled out throughout the year. For this overview, we are compiling a weekly overview of security updates. Is your device listed below, but you haven’t received anything yet? Do not worry. It usually takes anywhere from a few days to weeks to update all instances of a device.




Samsung Galaxy A71


Not update?

Is your device not listed? Which can. Manufacturers release updates throughout the year, so next time your device might be there. Even if your smartphone is on the list, you might still have to be patient. It usually takes anywhere from a few days to a week for the Android security update to roll out to all devices.

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keep Android Planet So keep an eye out for the following overview. For example, download a Free application for your smartphone. Speaking of this series: We make this overview with you, reader. You can’t see your device in the overview, but did you get an update? Let us know in the comments and we will add them.

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