These are the Xbox Free Games with Gold for May 2021

Board games have been hot for centuries and that hasn’t changed with the advent of consoles. In fact, digital table games are not available now either. Take Armello, for example, an in-depth board game that combines card games, board games and RPGs.

As a hero of one of the Armello clans, you go out and roam the game. You have to plan your adventure, hire people, defeat monsters, discover areas and take out other players. Your ultimate goal is to expel the king or queen from his throne and claim your rightful place as King or Queen of Armello!

Armello is free to download throughout the month of May.

In Dungeons 3, you are going solo prison cell Builds. This real-time strategy game puts you in a role “Lord of the dungeon” And let the players help you conquer the world. Orcs, succubae, zombies and more can be recruited, among other things, to defeat the current inhabitants of the dungeon and finally take over the world!

Dungeons 3 is free to download between May 16 and June 15, 2021.

If there is a DC LEGO game you need to play, it’s LEGO Batman. Fortunately, the game will be free next month in Xbox games with the Gold Squad starting May 2021. LEGO Batman takes you on Gotham’s adventures with the Dark Knight. It’s usually pretty dark, but with LEGO sauce on top, every franchise is fun for young and old alike. Solve puzzles, build iconic LEOG structures and defeat LEGO Batman’s arch enemies in this game you can play alone or together!

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Lego Batman is available for free download between May 1 and 15, 2021.

Chances are you should still go on vacation this year. In Tropico 4, a very tropical answer awaits you where you can even take control. You are the dictator on the island and that means everyone has to dance on your pipe! Unfortunately, every feature has its drawbacks, as people aren’t always happy on your island.

Groups form, intrigues emerge and you may be attacked by other nations if you are not good enough for your people. Are you a good dictator or are you getting rid of your throne faster than you can say, leave?

Tropico 4 is waiting for you for free in the Xbox Store between May 16-31, 2021.

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