‘This is 1932 instead of 2022’: British press and residents ravage royals after visiting the Caribbean

Prince William and Kate were not always received enthusiastically and there were several protests against their visit. “There have been many protests about slavery. Members of the British royal family have been asked to apologize for their involvement in the issue of slavery. The whole discussion about the monarchy and the importance of the monarchy in the 21st century dominated the entire visit. It never happened. It was the intention and it also sparked a lot in the kingdom United itself,” says Lea van Beekhoven in The World Today.

Kate and William’s visit was intended to strengthen ties with Caribbean nations, but this tour did the opposite. “Kate and William’s visit to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas has kept those countries away from the Commonwealth of Nations and Buckingham Palace.”

Advocacy for the reform of the British monarchy is high in the British press. “For the first time I feel like the Brits think that’s not really possible anymore. The picture that was telling was that of William and Kate standing in an open Land Rover checking the guard of honor. William is in a uniform with lots of white and gold. The headline of a newspaper, this It’s 1932 instead of 2022. It really reminds you of the colonial era and that’s no longer something you can bring up now.”

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