This is how Prince George heard that he is the future king

This is how Prince George heard that he is the future king

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This is how Prince George heard that he is the future king

It will be some time before George takes the throne, but Will and Kate are considered Prince.

Prince William and Duchess Kate want to give their offspring as normal a childhood as possible, but of course they have to tell their eldest son what awaits him one day.

In the footsteps of Jan Jan

It may be some time before Prince George follows in his footsteps’liver – liver‘, his grandmother Queen Elizabeth. being first Prince Charles And the role of Prince William, and if they also remain on the throne until at least 95 years old, then we are already talking about the year 2077. However, George knew better what his future would look like, so they also thought that Duchess Kate and Prince William. They reportedly told him last year that he might one day call himself the King of the United Kingdom.

natural upbringing

Royal family biographer Robert Lacey, who dug into Cambridge life and also gave her historical advice نصائح makers the crownknows how it must have gone.

William has not revealed exactly how or when he passed the big news to his son George Let’s get to know ourselves someday. Lacey said: “We believe that around the time of his seventh birthday, in the summer of 2020, his parents told him more about his future with ‘royal service and duties’. William’s goal is to be a father, like a prince, to give his son the best natural upbringing possible so that he remains The property is “relevant and changes with the times.”

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Because of the great mission that Prince George Small shoulders rest until later in life, Prince William approaches it differently than his parents. According to Lacey, “William’s personal dissatisfaction with the haphazard way in which the fate of his entire royal destiny has revolved around his head from the start.”

So when Prince George posed with his dad, grandfather and grandmother at this iconic four-generation photo in 2019, he didn’t know how meaningful this photo was.

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