This is how you can see which videos you have recently watched on TikTok

Remember the TikTok videos that you enjoyed the most over the past 7 days? You can now find videos in your personal TikTok watch history. This way you can find it.

Some of the videos you come across on TikTok, you simply have to watch them again or share them with friends. It is not possible to scroll backwards in your timeline, however, it will not be of much help: the videos that appear in your timeline are shown on a random basis. However, TikTok always saves an overview of the videos you have watched in the past 7 days. By diving in once, you can still find videos from a few hours or days ago.

How to find your watch history on TikTok

So TikTok saves your viewing history for a maximum of seven days. It is also possible to disable this, although its effect is limited. The service automatically saves the videos you like best and adjusts its algorithm accordingly. The switch to restore privacy is not necessary on TikTok. But we’re not there, first find your viewing history:

  1. open the tik tok app
  2. Click at the bottom left of the home screen Profile personly
  3. Then tap on the top left hamburger menu and choose Settings and privacy
  4. then select Watch history To see the videos you watched in the past 7 days
View TikTok View History

Click on any video to watch it again. Scrolling up or down will show you other videos you’ve recently watched. If you’d rather TikTok not save what you watched, follow the steps below. With the same steps, but on the contrary, it is, of course, possible to re-enable the viewing history later.

  1. In the Watch History menu, click File Come on up on the right
  2. put the Transformation behind Watch history From
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Innovations in TikTok

Showing a powerful overview of your viewing history is one of the innovations that have been introduced recently on social media. TikTok is also working on a file The so-called clear mode To be able to scroll through the app without disturbing the buttons and button “dislike” It should also give app users more control over the videos they watch. Both options are currently under testing; It is not known at this time whether it will actually be available to everyone.

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