This is how you unlock the secret Android developer feature

Android developer options for developers only? No, you can also use these options on your Android device.

But I’m not a developer at all! So why would I want to pretend? The functionality was mainly added so that developers can see what their programs are doing and where there are any bugs. Some of these functions are also useful for the experienced “normal” user. It is up to you to decide if you have a file Android Powerful user developer or not.

For example, you can limit memory-consuming processes running in the background, force apps into split-screen mode, use advanced restart capabilities, speed up or slow down animations and much more.


Go to “Settings” and select “About phone”. Then click Build Number a few times until a popup appears saying: You are now a developer. The fastest career change ever. A new button has now appeared on the general settings page. Developer options.

Detailed instructions, as well as how you can turn off developer options again, can be found at Android salad

Another little tip from us (disclaimer!): Don’t change settings you’re not familiar with and jot down the default settings beforehand so you can always go back to the starting point.

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