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The first four players to play for the Netherlands in the upcoming Olympic esports tournament have been announced. The Dutch Rocket League team, eTeamNL, will participate in the Intel World Open (IWO), a tournament that is part of the Tokyo Olympics, from June 3.

The team consists of Thomas ‘ThO’ Brinkhorst (UK Guild Esports player), Ole ‘Oaly’ van Doorn (UK Wolves Esports player), Mike ‘Mikeboy’ Verkuijlen and Maarten ‘Oscillon’ van Zee (both players from Rix.GG in United kingdom). The selection, overseen by the Dutch Esports Academy (DESA), was recently announced during a live broadcast of the Keokin Campion Predator fan competition live.

On IWO, matches are played in teams of three in the popular soccer racing game Rocket League. It remains to be seen which three of those four are in the starting lineup. The first open qualifying round, in which eTeamNL will participate, will take place on Thursday 3 June and can be followed at Twitch.

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The Rocket League team, eTeamNL, is not the first national esports team. This honor goes to E_Oranje, the team that plays for the Netherlands in FIFA and PES football matches. Last weekend, the FIFA team from E_Oranje managed to qualify for the World Cup for National Teams. Previously, the PES team managed to get this far.

The Dutch Missile League team, eTeamNL, is the first national team to participate in an event linked to the Official Olympic Games. eTeamNL players will go to a training camp at H20 Rabo Esports Campus Amsterdam this weekend. During the camp, the team will already play some training matches against other national teams, and will develop a strategy.

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