This new feature in Google Maps shows you where the entrance to a building is

For those who have had to drive several laps around a building while your navigation system constantly reminds you that “you're there,” Google Maps will soon have the solution. The new function makes it easier to know exactly where the building entrance is.

You usually find a home quickly. But if you're visiting a large complex, such as a hospital, for the first time, it's helpful to have your navigation system show you exactly where to enter. This saves time and effort. Google Maps is getting a new feature that will make it easier for users to know where the building entrance is.

The new feature of Google Maps is Spotted by Android Police. The beta feature is only available to select Google Maps users at this time. Does your Google Maps version number end with 11.17.0101? Congratulations, you should already be able to use the new feature. Not all sites have this functionality right away. It's also not yet clear exactly how Google identifies the entrance, and that may depend in part on camera images from Google Street View cars.

How exactly does it work?

You won't be able to see the entrance until you zoom into the building enough. Entrances are then identified by a white circle with an access symbol or green arrow.

In addition, selected buildings will be highlighted in red, so you can easily distinguish them from the rest of the environment.

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Not all inputs appear to be valid, Android Police points out. In addition, there are also many sites where the entries do not appear. There is no doubt that this will be completed in the future. It is not yet known when this feature will be rolled out to all Google Maps users.

More help with navigation

Google Maps recently launched a feature that aims to “provide concise directions while navigating.” The Clear Paths feature should also help with navigation, and will remain visible when your iPhone or Android phone's screen is locked.

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