This way, you can view your PlayStation stats from 2020 and unlock a dynamic theme


In 2019, we enjoyed a briefing that our PlayStation Overview gave us along with the great PlayStation. This Site It’s no longer available, but a few days ago, a new version of last year’s stats was released online.

I thought the idea to wrap up last year was a great one because I’m also very interested in stats about my accomplishments and playtime. When the site crashed, I searched hard for another system. This adventure can be read in the article below.

But you didn’t come for it! PlayStation did it again, allowing us to see all the stats for our time we’re spending productively in 2020.

First Step: Register

Browse to De closing And log in with your PlayStation profile.

Step 2: View your stats

Upon successful registration, you will see an overview of all the cool things you have done in the past year. This way you can see how many different games you have played, how many hours online and offline, which games have been played the most etc.

Here Can find my profile.

Step 3: get the dynamic look

Scroll all the way (or click the end sign in the menu bar). PlayStation thanks you for participating in a year of incredible adventures. Now you can claim your dynamic theme. You can do this by clicking the button.

Claim Free Dynamic Themes 2020 Feed

Then a new window will open where you can find missions from PlayStation. However, at the time of writing, there is only one task for which you receive a reward right away and that is that dynamic theme.

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You have until March 2 to request the closing. After that, the site will be disconnected again.

Step 4: Mission complete!

Select the task and click “View Bonus”.

WrapUp 2020 claim it

You will then receive a code that you can redeem in the PS-Store or you can also click the button to immediately go to the correct page to change your icon to a brand new theme for your PlayStation. The offer is valid Until March 3, 2021.

What do we say when we get something for free? Thank you Playstation!

Drop your stats in the comments!

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