Tile adds an anti-stalking program that follows Apple’s Airtag

It’s perfect for that anarchist who always loses their keys, but unfortunately less for people who don’t want to be tracked. You can attach devices like Tile and Airtag to all kinds of objects, but unfortunately this also turns out to be a good tool for stalkers or other malicious parties. Tile decided to add anti-stalking software to its tools.


The reason Tile chose this isn’t exactly uncommon, because it’s all about delivering Apple’s response to tiles: Airtag. This tool was introduced last year and immediately caused a lot of questions to be asked. You cannot tell that such a device is traveling with you. In any case, it is not good for someone who loves your car to be able to find out where you live by connecting such a device, that you lose your car keys and your car after breaking in.

Apple has also made an app so people can check if they are being tracked in this way. Now Tile has come up with a similar solution, but in a separate section within the Tile app: Scan and Secure. tiles Writes: “If you are concerned about unwanted tracking, Scan and Secure is a simple tool that you can use to determine if you have any unknown Tiles or Tile compatible devices traveling with you. You don’t need to have or be part of a Tile account. from the Tile network to use this feature. It’s available to everyone, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user. Download the Tile app (or if you already have it, make sure you have the latest version) and the app will ask you to change your permission settings for this feature to work.” .

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While it is of course good that tech companies offering this type of tracker to the world think about the potential consequences that the devices can have, there are still many obstacles. For example, it takes ten minutes to actively scan the environment for these types of devices, and you have to run this manually. So the app will not automatically tell you that you are being tracked. Apple’s AirTag can beep if it’s been away from its “owner” for too long, but it can take up to 24 hours and then no damage may have already been done.

Moreover, it is a bit annoying if you don’t use these types of devices yourself: if you are afraid of being chased or followed, then as an Android user you have to download a couple of apps and do a manual check regularly (which again is not recommended if you are on public transport, for example). So, it’s not exactly a waterproofing system to protect people from these kinds of practices, but it’s good that anyway solutions are being worked on that can help.


Do you lose your things as often as I do? For example, if you leave the house without the car keys, you won’t know half the time you left your phone.

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