Tim Knol organized walking tours for the fans: “We played songs wherever possible”

Horn singer Tim Knoll didn’t give up when theaters and pop venues closed. He started a hiking club and walked across the country with fans and his guitar. That way, he wanted to stay in touch with his fans, keep composing the music and keep him in shape a bit.

In 2019 he started walking. “I used to be in a very unhealthy situation in the past years. It’s easy in music,” says Tim Knoll. “There is alcohol and bad food everywhere on the road.” “I don’t regret it for a moment, but I turned 30 and felt tight, heavy and bad in my skin, literally and figuratively. Then I began to lose weight and started walking.”

He seemed to enjoy walking and flying about the pounds. “There was a point where I really started to enjoy walking. Time flies by when you walk.” Walking also makes things better mentally. “I get better and get good ideas.” This is how he came up with the idea of ​​going on a walk with the fans. “From June 1 we were allowed to play with 30 people, that’s not much, but walking with 30 people is also possible.” He took his guitar and where there was space he started playing.

A lot of members

Although walking cannot continue now due to lockdown, walking is here to stay. “I never thought I’d have a hiking club with 1,700 members,” he says. “Now we’re doing other fun things like making a walking flyer.” The singer became healthier and felt much better. From that came the new number Lightyears better continue.

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