Traffic Online – UK Contradicts Jaggery-Radcliffe Release Reports

Tehran – The United Kingdom contradicts Iranian reports on the release of the Iranian-British Nazarene Zakari-Radcliffe. Iranian state television previously reported that the woman would be released if the UK paid 459 million euros; That would be a military loan. The British say it will not be far off yet.

“We have not yet received any reports that a deal is imminent,” said Richard Radcliffe, husband of Zachary-Radcliffe. The UK government says talks on the woman’s release are still ongoing.

According to Iranian state television, there will be a prisoner exchange with the United States. That, too, was immediately contradicted by the United States. Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says talks are still ongoing. “There’s still a lot of room between the two parties.”

Zachary-Radcliffe was sentenced last week to one year in prison for campaigning against the government. The 42-year-old woman was arrested during a family visit to Iran in April 2016 and is accused of trying to overthrow the regime through propaganda. In early March this year, his house arrest was lifted as he was serving a prison sentence, but he was soon re-convicted.

The United Kingdom still calls the Zagari-Radcliffe treatment “torture.” “He has been arrested against the law, but he has not been treated well,” said Secretary of State Dominic Robb. “Overall, there is definitely torture.”

According to Rob, Zachary-Radcliffe is used as a “soldier in the Iranian game”. It should be used as a means of negotiation with the United Kingdom.

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