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Bridges came out as a transgender in 2020 and was due to compete in the National Aluminum Championship this past weekend, after testing that her testosterone levels had dropped to the required limits. The British Federation decided to accept her in line with its policy on transgender and non-binary participation, but the UCI banned her participation. The British Confederation then decided to review its participation policy.

“Due to the difference in policies between British bikes and the UCI, it is currently possible for transgender athletes to qualify to race locally while their business is still running at the UCI. This is unfair to all female drivers and challenges the integrity of racing,” the British Federation wrote on its website. Immediate comment on current policy. We will review policy next week.”

According to British Cycling Federation regulations, revised in January, transgender people must have a certain (low) testosterone value twelve months prior to participating in a women’s race in order to be able to start. The decision to allow the 21-year-old to compete in the British Championships was met with opposition. “It was unfair that Laura Kenny and the other riders faced Bridges against a competitor with the biological advantages of a man,” former swimmer Sharon Davis told The Times.

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