Transitional Alliance Food: Through an integrated food policy, the government is firmly committed to health, sustainability and more plant-based

“It is good that an integrated food policy is being discussed again,” said Natasha Koeman of the Food Transition Alliance, in response to the March 29 letter from Minister Staguerre on the assessment of food policy. “We are pleased that the government is calling for a better linkage between consumption and production, as well as health and sustainability on the way to a future-oriented and climate-resilient food system. Of course we also see points that deserve attention.”

The Food Transition Alliance is pleased that the Cabinet, through Minister Stagoire, is calling for a clear vision and goal regarding the transition to a more vegan diet: 50:50 in 2030. The Food Transition Alliance is calling for a more ambitious goal: “50/50 by 2030 It means that in the next eight years we will only make a 10% transformation in how the animal/vegetable ratio is.While shifting to diets less dependent on animals is one of the most impactful and important interventions to achieve a sustainable diet, achieve climate agreement goals, and achieve stronger food security with adoption Less on animal feed flows (see “Current Situation with Ukraine and Russia)” said Natasha Koeman.

Another point for improvement mentioned by the Food Transformation Alliance is the focus on volunteer tools and communication. “Experience and research have shown that this is not effective enough. Therefore, the Transitional Food Coalition is curious about the details of the “declared publication of a balanced mix of policy instruments,” which could also include standardization and pricing.” The Food Transition Alliance also believes it would be good if Secretary Staguerre announces an investigation into a “tax on meat as well as a return to the production sector”. “This is also in line with the opinion of the majority of the Dutch population,” said Natasha Koeman.

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The Transition Alliance Food is surprised that the mere announcement of an investigation into the meat tax provokes a lot of emotional backlash in politics. The purpose of the research is exactly how such a measure can be implemented as effectively as possible.

The most comprehensive response to Secretary Stagoire’s letter to the House of Representatives regarding assessment of the 2016-2020 Food Agenda and Food Policy is: here It can be found via this link. See here for the ten point plan.

Earlier, the Food Transformation Coalition submitted a petition containing ten specific government and policy recommendations, for a healthy, sustainable, more vegan food environment and a protein strategy that contributes to a healthy and sustainable food environment. “We are pleased to see that the Cabinet has adopted many of our recommendations,” says Natasha.

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