Travel permit in your pocket and other rules that will apply from 2021 if Belgians travel to the UK | abroad

The British government is launching an awareness campaign to prepare Belgians and other EU citizens for the new immigration rules that will take effect from January. “The UK is still open,” said Martin Sherman, the British ambassador to Belgium.

Freedom of movement between the European Union and the United Kingdom will end on January 1. In principle, this does not change much for a vacation or a business trip. The Belgians will still be able to cross the canal without a visa next year, and in most cases they can stay for up to six months. As of October, an ID will not be sufficient, and Belgians must have a travel permit in their pocket.

The rules change drastically for people who wish to work or study in the UK for a longer period of time. The automatic right of incorporation will disappear, and the UK is introducing a new points-based immigration system. Belgians will have to meet specific requirements and apply for a visa through the new immigration system. Students who want to go to the UK can actually apply. Belgians who come to work in the UK can apply from 1 December 2020.

Ambassador Sherman said: “Britain is still open. We want to continue to encourage the best talent from all over the world to bring their skills to the UK. We also continue to welcome many talented Belgian students to study in British universities.” Interested people are encouraged to visit the site For consultation.

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