Truck traffic between the UK and the EU looks set to return to normal Now

Truck traffic between the UK and the EU, the main mode of freight transport between the two volumes, appears to have almost returned to its previous level in February. Writes that BBC News Saturday based on locals.

The end of the Brexit Interim Agreement and the new trade agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom saw less use by Eurotanel and boat lorries in January. According to the Sunday newspaper Viewer Traffic between the island and the continent has dropped by two-thirds in the past month.

In February, problems with the new customs system appear to have been partially resolved: the number of lorries leaving the UK is 98 per cent higher than in February 2019. Traffic from the EU is even 99 percent higher than one percent. About 80 to 90 percent of truck drivers now have their customs documents in perfect order BBC News.

Although traffic is going back, the total value of the goods is still low. Nearly half of the trucks would have returned to their own place in February without a load. Empty trucks are not a new phenomenon, but according to the British state broadcaster, it would have been a quarter of the trucks before Brexit.

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