Trump in court to block release of White House documents

Former US President Donald Trump called on the Supreme Court to block the release of presidential documents about the storming of the Capitol early this year.

Trump has been unsuccessful several times in lower courts in his attempt to overturn the decision to release his successor, Joe Biden.

A committee in the US House of Representatives is investigating the events that led to the storming. That committee had requested the release of the White House documents.

In his application to the Supreme Court, Trump asks judges to agree to lower courts pending their decision I’m waiting To put.

In total, it is about 700 pages: appointments, notes for speeches and three pages of handwritten notes by then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. According to committee members, the documents may reveal what happened in the White House before and during the storming of the Capitol.

Trump wants to keep the documents secret, in reference to the presidential privilege he enjoyed while in office. The real estate mogul claims he is not responsible for the storming of the Capitol. He denounces a “political game” and refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

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