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Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump, 77, is joking when he suggests that the United States will withdraw from NATO is greatly mistaken. This is what John Bolton (75 years old), former advisor to the former US President, says in an interview with the Politico news website. She added: “He takes the idea of ​​withdrawing from the coalition seriously.”

During an election rally, Donald Trump said last Saturday that Russia can “do whatever it wants” with NATO countries that are lagging behind in their financial and military contributions to the alliance. These statements quickly caused an uproar. Critics say Trump encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack US allies in Europe.

look. Trump said on Saturday that Russia “can do whatever it wants” with NATO countries that don’t spend enough on defense

an excuse

According to John Bolton, a former Trump advisor, the former president’s threats are not just empty words. “I was there when he was about to leave NATO in 2018 during a meeting of member states,” he says. “So every one of those comments, as he has been making them for more than six years, confirms to me that he takes the idea of ​​withdrawing from NATO very seriously,” Bolton said.

When Trump complains that NATO allies are not spending enough on defense, he is not doing so to strengthen the alliance. “He’s just using it as an excuse to get out,” he said.

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The US Congress recently adopted new measures that will make it difficult for the president to make a decision on his own to withdraw from the coalition. However, according to Bolton, that will not stop Trump. “This has happened repeatedly throughout American history,” he points out. “Congress doesn’t like it, but according to constitutional logic, such a decision rests entirely with the president.”

Bolton warns that the US exit from NATO will have dire consequences. “It could mean the end of the alliance. We are the leaders of NATO, and what will be left are the remains of a European Union-like structure.” It would also be disastrous for US credibility in the world. The former advisor concludes that if we are prepared to throw NATO overboard, no American alliance will be safe anymore.

Bolton does not support Trump’s re-election. He recently described Trump as a selfish, incompetent politician who is incapable of becoming president again. “World leaders think he is a laughing fool,” the former chancellor said.

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