Twitter users of Herefordshire and Amanda Holdenkoff in Eurovision Final

Britain was described as a disgrace after presenter Amanda Holden boasted that there was a difference between saying hello in French and Dutch in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He made coffee on the last night of the match in Rotterdam when he was appointed to decide the verdict of the English arbitral tribunal.

Herford’s Twitter users (who added “Herford” to their profiles) were generally disappointed by the British show, angrily: “We have been called to leave Eurovision in recent years because no one has voted for us.” What a miserable country. ”

Amanda, a talented British judge from London, told international audiences and event attendees: “Boon Sawyer, Codenavand. Even though it was a good evening in French and Dutch, I knew nothing.

On the other hand, 10-year-old Manolis Kignes from Greece was fluent in English and made his country decision.

With many spectators reflecting England’s influence in many parts of the world, Great Britain finished last in the competition for the second time in a row.

The competition was won by the Italian band Maneskin

Here are some tweets from Twitter users’ responses in Herefordshire:

Nasir Afzal, a former justice minister and writer in the northwest of the UK, tweeted: “The UK is not in the middle of the road to pick up points. Amanda Holden is not saying that the rest of Europe does not know the proper European language.

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British Twitter user Catherine Baker responded to Holden’s ignorance: “Yes, a British speaker is streaming live broadcasts across Europe, making fun of the fact that they can’t speak French from the Dutch #Eurovision song contest.”

Another observer noted the different approaches between Holden and Kickness.

Ryan Lotto tweeted: “Eurovision 2021 Greek Spokesperson, 10 years old, understands many languages ​​better than Amanda Holden …”

English rival James Newman received zero points after reading the Emperors song.

For the second time in a row the England team ended the game without points.
Italian pop star Rock Maneskin won when France finished second in a match in Rotterdam, the Netherlands last night.

Other great shows came from Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and Lithuania.
People watching in the UK point out that the UK has changed its influence in the other 25 participating countries as a result of the competition.

Journalist Leslie Reidach wrote on Twitter this morning: “Eurovision is stabilizing life as always. Italian bad silicon is well broken. Iceland was happy and quiet. The numbers in France / Switzerland are low. It is clear that Brexit is no longer Johnny. Oh right.”

Actor Dan Stevens, who played Russian rival Alexander Limeto in the Eurovision movie, borrowed from his role in the film.

Stevens tweeted: “It’s called” and quoted Limito’s words in the hit film: “It’s very good, but everyone hates England, so there’s no point.”

Italy – 524
France – 499
Switzerland – 432
Island – 378
Ukraine – 364
Finland – 301
Malta – 255
Lithuania – 220
Russia – 204
Hellos – 170
Bulgaria – 170
Portugal – 153
Moldova – 115
Sweden – 109
Serbia – 109
Cyprus – 94
Israel – 93
Norway – 75
Belgium – 74
Azerbaijan – 65
Albania – 57
San Marino – 50
Netherlands – 11
Spain – 6
Germany – 3
United Kingdom – 0

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