Two hospitals full due to ill health at Leiden Marathon

Leiden (ANP) – Several participants who became unwell during the marathon in Leiden were taken to two nearby hospitals. As a result, it became full and could no longer accommodate people. In part for this reason, it was decided to cancel the event during the afternoon, a safety zone spokesperson said.

The spokesman said that people had become in poor health due to a combination of heat and physical exertion. According to him, a “large number” of people were transferred to LUMC and Alrijne Hospital. He doesn’t know exactly how much. The people had various complaints, but it is not known how serious they are. As far as he knew, no one had died.

According to the spokesman, the organization had prepared ambulances and additional facilities as a precaution, but it became clear in the afternoon that this was not enough. Emergency services from other areas then provided assistance.

for walking

The city mayor stopped the marathon on the advice of the safety zone because safety could no longer be guaranteed. At that time, only 10 km participants still had to start. The organization asked runners still working on other distances to stop running and start walking. The full marathon started at 10am and the half at 11am.

“The pressure on ambulances, hospitals and other emergency services has become too great, so it was not possible to make another decision. People’s safety and health come before everything,” responds Mayor Peter van der Velden. He regretted that the edition had to be stopped in the afternoon.
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