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Last night, Royal Air Force Typhoons based in Estonia were deployed with Swedish Gripens to intercept two Russian aircraft that were in close proximity to NATO and Swedish airspace.

A statement said the Russian planes had not respected international rules by not contacting air traffic control. I would add that the plane remained in international airspace and worked professionally.

This morning British aircraft were again deployed to intercept Russian aircraft flying south of the Russian mainland towards Kaliningrad. Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese and Romanian aircraft also took part in this action.

Recently, there have been regular accidents in the airspace. Moscow has repeatedly claimed in recent weeks that it has intercepted Western aircraft near Russia’s borders. Moscow itself has been regularly accused of trespassing the airspace of European countries.

One of the most notable incidents occurred over the Black Sea last month, when a Polish border guard plane encountered “life-threatening actions” by a Russian fighter jet. According to the Poles, the Russian plane made “aggressive and dangerous maneuvers” without first making radio contact. For example, at one point the plane had only flown 5 meters in front of the nose of the Polish plane. The Polish pilot had temporarily lost control of his plane.

In March, an American drone and a Russian plane collided over the Black Sea. The drone crashed. Countries blame each other.

look. For example, Russian aircraft previously shot down an American drone over the Black Sea

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