UK wants to send asylum seekers to Rwanda to exit the asylum procedure | abroad

Asylum seekers crossing the Channel will be able to bring them to Rwanda to process their asylum application. This is evidenced by the new immigration plans that the British government will present today.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel was due to sign the deal on Thursday during a visit to the African country. Rwanda is expected to receive 120 million pounds (144 million euros) for a pilot project that will see asylum seekers transferred to the African country while their applications are assessed ‘abroad’.

The move was met with protests from refugee groups who believe that this “cruel and sinister decision” will not solve the canal’s problems and “will lead to more human suffering and chaos.” “Wherever offshoring is introduced, it appears to lead to profound human suffering and the taxpayer bill is likely to be significant,” said Zoe Abrams, executive director of the British Red Cross.

Asylum seekers who remained in the UK while their applications were being processed could be accommodated in stricter reception centers under the new schemes. The first center will open in Linton-on-Ouse, near York. At the same time, the UK government would like to resettle thousands of people in the UK every year via safe routes.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver a speech today to explain the plan. He will call for action to combat the “despicable human smugglers” who turn the sea into a “cemetery”. According to Johnson, up to a thousand people a day could make the most dangerous crossing in a matter of weeks. About 600 people arrived in the UK on Wednesday.

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