Ukraine launches preparations for song contest 2023 –

There is no official statement about the host city of Eurovision Song Contest 2023, let alone the host country. Nevertheless, after the success of the Kalush band last month, the Ukrainian broadcaster UA: PBC formed and approved an organizing committee. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

However, a brief search on the Internet tells us which cities have a concert hall or exhibition center (or were there?) Which may qualify as Eurovision Arena for 2023 based on the number of visitors. Of course there is capital. Kiev It is worthy of and with many places OdessaThe Ukrainian government wants the next edition of the currently exciting song contest Like Mariupol Although that idea has already been rejected by the EBU, regulation.


The big question is whether a version will be held safely in Ukraine in 2023. This question needs to be answered in the short term Insecurity Alternatives will be considered. Many countries have already indicated their interest in organizing such events IcelandItaly, Netherlands, Poland, Spain (meanwhile abandoned), Sweden and United KingdomThe latter seems to be the biggest contender because Big Five Country, the second in the last song contest, has experience with major events and of course enough hotels.

Not the first time

The United Kingdom also hosted Eurovision song contests after a previous winner announced he was not interested. That was the case in 1960, 1963, 1972 and 1974. In 1980, when the Netherlands organized instead of Israel, a version has not yet been arranged by the winner. So for the first time in the modern era of Eurovision song competition the UK can once again be the savior of the EBU. Come back later Practical questionsWhich broadcaster organizes the show? Who pays? What are the break actions? The wait is even more exciting for fans.

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