Ukraine takes another step closer to EU membership: Hungary stops resisting accession negotiations

The fact that Hungary is now turning backwards has a lot to do with the approaching date of July 1st. At that moment, Hungary assumes the presidency of the European Union, succeeding Belgium. “Hungary does not want there to be more tensions, because ensuring that the EU presidency goes as smoothly as possible is a matter of prestige,” says Budapest correspondent Stefan Bos in De Ochtend.

Hungary is also still waiting on billions of dollars in EU aid that has been frozen due to concerns about the state of the rule of law. This also played a role in the decision not to oppose accession negotiations.

“Just like realizing that these negotiations could take years,” Stefan Bos says. He added: “It is not yet up to Hungary to decide whether Ukraine can actually join the European Union.”

In any case, Hungary remains a big fan of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has suspicions because of corruption, but especially because of the treatment of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine, which he believes is still discriminated against, especially in the area of ​​language. But Hungary is also concerned about the fact that many ethnic Hungarians are being called up to fight.” “In the Ukrainian army, and of course, Hungary still has close relations with Moscow.”

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