Ukrainian army allows soldiers to walk at high altitude

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry is under fire for wanting to parade female soldiers in high heels.

Source: guardian

Ukraine is preparing for a big parade next month to mark the 30th anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union. “Today, for the first time, there is a training session for high heels,” Cadet Ivana Medved said, according to ArmaiInform, the communications body of the Ukrainian defense. “They’re a little trickier than regular shoes, but we’re trying.”


In Ukraine, the initiative has been subject to much criticism. Some parliamentarians asked the defense minister to dress herself in the parade. “It is hard to imagine a more stupid and harmful idea,” said Ina Sofson of the Jules Party. She also said that female soldiers – just like men – risk their lives and “do not deserve ridicule”.

Others also did not spare their criticism: “The government should apologize for the humiliation of women,” said Olena Kondratyuk, deputy speaker of parliament. Irina Gerashchenko, an opposition member of parliament, talks about sexism.

At present, the Ukrainian army has 31,000 members. The ministry says the shoes are part of the uniform.

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