Update from the Diocese of Roermond on the health of Bishop Smits

Bishop Harry Smits at St Rosa’s Church in Sittard, photo from 2020 “/>

Bishop Harry Smits at Sint Rosakapel in Sittard, photo from 2020

Photo: Sittard-Geleen.nieuws.nl

The Diocese of Roermond has provided an update on the health status of Bishop Harry Smits.

Bishop was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 2021. He has since been treated with chemotherapy at the Academic Hospital in Maastricht. This prevented tumor growth for some time. But now a second tumor has developed. It turns out that, according to the xo report, the diocese, despite a number of radiotherapy treatments, is no longer amenable to treatment without risks. At the beginning of January, the doctors had to decide, in consultation with the bishop, to stop the two remaining chemotherapy treatments.

Now the GP has taken over the care, because there are no longer any treatment options at the academic level. Although Bishop notes that his mind is still clear, he also experiences that his motor skills have become slower and that no improvement can be expected. For the time being, the bishop will continue his duties as far as possible.

mgr. Smeets is grateful for the prayers and many other expressions of support he has received since the beginning of his illness. He invites everyone to continue to remember all patients in their prayers.

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