Update II | The football club invites Hamilton to restore ties with the native village

Lewis Hamilton slipped his tongue during his BBC Personality of the Year speech. He was one of the six finalists for the award – Hamilton finished second They are Thomas Akattum – So performed a speech, but it did not go exactly in his hometown Stevenage.

“It was a long road,” says the five-time world champion, even before his ace. “It simply came to our notice then. Get out of the slums (slums, ed.) ‘, After which Hamilton realized something was wrong. Then he tries to correct his mistake. “Well, um, not slum, but come out of nowhere and do something. We have raised our goals. ‘

Angry at Hamilton

Stevenage people, along with others, are not ‘entertained’ on social media. They speak and write disgusting words from a Mercedes driver Comet. The victims have contacted the media site. “I’m angry that Louis Hamilton has rejected Stevenage as a slum dweller. He has lost his grip on reality and lost his humanity,” Alan White said.

Rob Entwistle was not happy with the words of the new Formula 1 world champion on Facebook. ‘People in Stevenage have always supported him and now he describes us as‘ slum ’. Shock! ‘(Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 / Steve Etherington)

Update 9.53 – Hamilton apologizes on Instagram

Lewis Hamilton has apologized on Instagram for the words he used in a speech to the BBC. Britt says he chose the wrong words.

“I want to give a second message to the people of the UK and especially to Stevenage, where I grew up, very proud and still enjoy coming. If you still have negative feelings about what I said, don’t worry, throw them away, it’s a negative energy you should not have.”

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“No one is right. I often make mistakes, especially when you are in front of an audience, trying to find the right words for the long journey you have gone through. I chose the wrong words. I did nothing, only those who know me know that I only love,” Hamilton said in his statement. Calmed the confusion.

Update December 21 – Stevenage FC expects Hamilton to cheer on the stand

The fact that Louis Hamilton described his birthplace Stevenage as a ‘slum’ still bothers British city dwellers. Stevenage FC, manager of the local football club – which plays in League Two – now has a Formula 1 driver Interview He was invited to the training campus to demonstrate his support for the city.

“If he really wants to apologize, he should come during a game and cheer us on, I call him personally,” football manager Dino Mamria told Hamilton, opening the door to rekindle his relationship with his hometown.

Yet Mamria also stands for their local fame: ‘We should not be so hard on Louis Hamilton, we can be proud of him. He is my family friend, his family are friends with my wife’s family. He came from a good family. Saying that does not apply to his person. It would be great if he could come to Lamax Stadium for a game. ”

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