US Supreme Court rules hundreds of Capitol rioters charged with ‘obstruction’

The court’s vote against the “obstruction” convictions could impact lawsuits brought by federal prosecutors against the Capitol invaders. Not everyone who stormed the Capitol intended to destroy official documents.

But according to the Public Prosecution, the ruling does not mean that all the intruders will be suddenly released. Almost all Americans who have been charged also have felonies and other offenses on their records. Joseph Fisher, the man who filed the lawsuit, faced six other charges, including “disorderly conduct at the Capitol” and “use of force against a federal officer.” However, it is possible that about 25 people were released early because obstruction was the only crime they committed.

Donald Trump has also been charged with obstructing the investigation into his role in the storming of the Capitol. However, Jack Smith, the special prosecutor in the case, has indicated that the court’s ruling will have little impact on his case. Trump is alleged to have corruptly interfered with evidence in the form of voting certificates that Vice President Mike Pence was supposed to count. So the “obstruction” charge still stands in the former president’s case, prosecutors allege.

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