Viewer discovers fatal ‘mistake’ in Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’

TikTokker has detected an “error” in the movie Don’t Search, which is currently streaming on Netflix. After all, at a certain moment you clearly see the entire film crew in the picture. According to the director, this was intentional, but the observer strongly doubts it.

“Don’t Look” is a satirical science fiction movie that is currently in the top 10 watched movies on Netflix. The movie is about two astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) who discover a devastating comet and try to warn the world about it. However, this is not as easy as expected. However, viewer Ben Koehler caught a “mistake” about 1 hour 28 minutes. The film crew then appears in the picture for a few frames. “Maybe they thought no one would see that…,” he frowned on TikTok. Director Adam McKay has since responded to the discovery. “Well spotted! We deliberately left that crew filmed there to capture the movie’s weird experience,” he wrote on Twitter. But TikTokker Ben doesn’t believe it. “He should have said he left it to show the film crew’s hard work,” he winks. (Belgium / Belgium)

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