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“The decisions you make, you implement them.” That’s what Vooruit President Conner Rousseau said Friday about mandatory vaccination in healthcare. This was approved by the Primary Cabinet earlier, but the Socialist Party is now returning to it. Rousseau also appealed to De Morgen via Radio 1 to extend temporary unemployment to the juvenile sector.

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The primary federal government decided earlier this week that a coronavirus vaccine would be mandatory for health care workers. Anyone who has not been vaccinated by April 1 will be expelled. But Socialist Party chief Paul Magnet, who nonetheless helped Deputy Prime Minister Pierre-Yves Dermann green-light the substance, questioned the agreement moments later. He believes that there can be no obligation on health care workers if this does not apply to society as a whole.

PS does not want health care workers who have not been vaccinated themselves to be fired, but rather to be laid off. As a result, they will receive temporary benefits that will not decrease over time. Derman will present this suggestion to Essence on Friday morning.

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“Withdrawing decisions in this way is not policy,” Rousseau said in response to De Morgen on Friday. “It’s like telling someone they can only drive 100 km/h on the highway, but say right away that you don’t associate any consequences for those who drive at 180 km/h. We’ll see how the ministers get out. I support the decision when it’s made. Decisions. “It’s still a crisis,” said Rousseau, who continues to advocate mandatory vaccination for everyone. “Nobody understands people who aren’t vaccinated anymore.”

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Russo also defended the extension of temporary unemployment in the juvenile sector on Friday. This arrangement usually ends at the end of December, but many discos are temporarily closing due to new rules decided by the advisory committee. Specify that whoever wants to party at the disco must wear a mask or be tested at the entrance. “It is imperative that we support the sector, and we can do that by extending temporary unemployment,” Russo said.

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