VWS’s new campaign for young people: Talk about mental health

VWS’s new campaign for young people: Talk about mental health

Source: National Government

Young people’s mental health is under pressure. Despite the great interest in the news and on social media, many young people still find it difficult to talk about this matter. Last week was Mental Health Week, which is why a new week has begun Hey, that’s okayMinistry of Health, Welfare and Sports campaign. Through posters, online videos on social media and collaborations with various influencers and podcasters, young people are given the tools to start a conversation, so that talking about mental health becomes easier.

Easier when you move

State Secretary Van Oogen (VWS): “We believe it is important for young people to feel good about themselves. By talking about emerging mental complaints at an early stage with someone you trust, you can prevent complaints from getting worse. Sometimes that is easier when you move, and I I’m trying it myself. That’s why the campaign offers a number of tools to start this conversation in this way and the campaign is distributed widely through online channels that are viewed by young people. This way we hope to reach as many young people as possible with the message: Speak up if you don’t feel like it That you are fine, because this is a relief!

Talking is comfort

The campaign focuses on young people between the ages of 16 and 25, because 62.5% of psychological disorders begin before the age of 25. In addition, 27% of young people feel very lonely. They have few friends or no friends at all. Or they don’t feel understood or seen by those around them. The primary themes of the campaign are the pressure of performance and loneliness.

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The campaign wants to teach young people that speaking up helps and that speaking up is sometimes easier when you’re moving. In the videos you see young people starting the conversation. In one video, a young man invites a friend to kick a ball; In the other video, a young woman asks her mother to take a walk. Young people are also given tangible tools to start the conversation www.heyhetisoke.nl Young people can read conversation tips and experience stories. Many influencers are also talking about what they face with mental health and sharing their own experiences and conversation tips.

A listening ear

Not all young people have someone in their environment who they feel comfortable talking to about their mental health. These young people can contact, among other things, B Join us community:An online meeting place for young people. Or they can contact volunteers anonymously Everything is okay? Support line. People around the young people can already look at the gadget Checkers from MIND Us. on www.heyhetisoke.nl And Instagram page @heyhetisoke There is more information about help young people can find.

National campaign Hey, that’s okay It is part of the “Mental Health: Health for All” approach and programme. One against loneliness. Campaign resources can be seen in places that young people often visit, such as schools, entertainment venues, sports clubs and various catering establishments. The campaign can also be watched and listened to via YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and various podcast channels.

The campaign continues until July 28, 2024.

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