Walking with Warm William is good for your mental health … (Puurs-Sint-Amands)

Coexist Anne Marie Morell on William’s warm sofa.
Photo: Jay Delphorge

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The Bank has been touring Puurs-Sint-Amands with Warme William since October 2019. “This summer, the Blue Bear invites you to take a walk, too, because the exercise is good for your physical and mental health,” says Anne Marie Morell, a Samenleven local councilor.

Warm William is a blue bear sitting on a bench: perfect for relaxing. The blue bear symbolizes someone who wants to listen and inspires everyone to do the same. After all, the taboo on mental health issues is still a big deal. Huis van het Kind and the Puurs-Sint-Amands Municipal Council want to change this by regularly campaigning about mental well-being and happiness. For example, Warm William has visited many elementary schools and there are now summer outings.

Walking with Warm William is good for your mental health
According to Morrell, attention to youth mental health is urgently needed. “The little ones take a long time,” she says.
Photo: Jay Delphorge

“With these tours, we’re emphasizing mental well-being once again,” Morrell says. “When people go for a walk, they can scan a QR code and there is always a task behind that code. This could be a question like“ Who makes you laugh? ”Or a mandate to tell each other something nice. These are great tasks for adults and children that they think about Unconsciously about that mental well-being. “

It takes a long time

According to Morrell, this concern for young people’s mental well-being is also essential. “The little ones take a long time,” she says. “You can see from everything that they are going through a hard time. Now there is another exam period. After that there will be a holiday, but they still don’t have the possibility that they will all be vaccinated against it. These guys just need to be with friends, to be able to keep each other.” “.

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The first walk stretches across Sint-Amands and Oppuurs. The other two increases will follow in early June and early July. While you are walking, you will find a QR code on ten benches or picnic benches whose task is hidden behind. All of these tasks and listening tips make you feel good. The march is about 8 km, for those who want to walk more, there is a stretch of 3 km with three additional tasks. The itinerary can be found on the website of Puurs-Sint-Amands. You can also capture a map at Burs City Hall, Old Town Hall, and the Social House of Sint Amandes, Glazen Huis Kaai, or Glazen Huis Fort Liezele. The city council requests that you take pictures and post them on Instagram while you walk. With puurssintamands, warmewilliam, #healthy m Municipality.

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