Weather Utility iOS 15 makes Funradar and Funarlar redundant

Apple announced iOS 15 for the iPhone earlier this week. Weather application you no longer recognize. It will be very cold from this fall. Or hot – it depends on (weather) conditions. We present to you a preview of the new weather app! What do you think? Can you remove all other weather apps from your iPhone now?

New moving wallpapers

Weather new animated wallpapers give you an instant look at the weather in a particular place. There are now thousands of variations showing clouds, rainfall and the current state of the sun.

Almost a chart

Weather application ios 15

The new weather application very clearly shows the most important data about the conditions. The former numbers are now with the pictures, which give additional information at a glance. For example, wait for the perceived temperature, humidity and wind direction.

Air quality

Use of air quality weather

How clean is the air in your area? Application shows size ranging from blue (clean) to purple (especially bad). You will also find out how to best deal with the situation and what pollutants are in the air.

Weather maps

Weather maps ios 15

Large weather maps showing temperature, air quality and rainfall are available. If you open the rain cover, you can also select moving radar images. They show the course of the rain and their intensity.

Rainfall announcementsRainfall announcements

Manufacturers of applications such as FunRadar and FunAlarm may already be a bit nervous about radar images in the new weather app. Additionally, you can receive notifications when it starts to rain or snow, and when it stops. This functionality is not yet available in the Netherlands, but will first be tested in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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The new iOS 15 weather app coming this fall!

Apple announced iOS 15 in its WWDC keynote address last Monday. The update includes a number of new features, and can be downloaded for free from this fall (probably September) by anyone with a compatible iPhone. Currently, the software is already being tested by developers.

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