Week 9 of 2024 These were the best-selling toys in Belgium last week

Every week the Belgian Video Games Federation (VGFB) brings us a list of the top 5 best-selling games in Belgium.

Set in Week 9 of 2024, the co-op shooter takes over Helldivers 2. In Helldivers 2, you play as a soldier who has to protect Super Earth from evil aliens on distant planets. You do this by invading surrounding planets and banishing aliens. Helldivers 2 can be played on PC and PlayStation 5. There were several server issues upon release, but most of the issues have now been resolved.

Then in second place is newcomer Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the long-awaited sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake. This game starts where the previous game left off. Cloud and his friends leave Midgar to track down and stop the evil Sephiroth. During your adventure, you will visit different countries where you will have large open maps where you can freely explore the world at your leisure. Doing it all in this unforgettable Final Fantasy VII Rebirth adventure will keep you busy for nearly 80 hours.

This time, EA Sports FC 24 takes third place in the top five. According to EA, EA Sports FC 24 has a 20% brand new player count, so they don't have a save game from FIFA 23. EA Sports FC 24 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Electronic Arts after breaking off its relationship with FIFA. EA Sports FC features over 30 leagues, over 700 teams, and over 19,000 licensed footballers. Realism and physics just got better this year with Hypermotion V, which uses data from over 180 footballers. In the summer of 2024, EA Sports will receive FC 24, a free update for EURO 2024.

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At number 4 is the Final Fantasy VII Twin Pack. This is a bundle where you can get the first game, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Final Fantasy VII Remake. The first game has been improved with better graphics and you can also access the expansion revolving around the ninja Yuffie Kisaragi. It also plays an important role in the new game Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Finally, in fifth place comes GTA V, a game that we have not seen among the top 5 games in recent weeks. Maybe because there have been so many big new games released in recent weeks. GTA V is back and it's very nice, because this game is now 10 years old. No game sells as well as GTA V. More than 195 million copies have been sold so far.

You can purchase EA Sports FC 24 here. (Note, there is no way to upgrade the PS4 or Xbox One version to the next-gen version.)

You can purchase Helldivers 2 here.

You can purchase the next-gen enhanced version of GTA V here.

You can purchase Final Fantasy VII Rebirth here.


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