What effect does this have on the French cash register?

Cinema – dark theaters are trying to attract as many people as possible, but the epidemic decided the opposite. since its inception Health pass in a French cinemas On July 14, the audience is no longer there despite the release of successful films like d fast and furious realCamelot.

Despite the gloomy weather that could have prompted audiences to go to the cinema, cinemas were not full. Since the first week of entering the health card, the fall has been terrible for all films, even the most anticipated. “Camelot It was previewed before the card was published and had more than 300,000 acceptances. But the next day, the film got three times less acceptance across France.” HuffPost Charline Baudry-Biancarello, Deputy Director of Marketing at CGR Cinémas. For the third week in a row alexander ester movie However, it collects nearly 2 million entries.

‘Fast and Furious’ hit hard

Besides the great French releases, there were also high expectations fast and furious 9. The blockbuster American movie did not even reach 2 million people, while previous films scored much higher. Fast and Furious 8 It also approached 4 million admissions. “We lost 90% of our footage on the Wednesday after the movie came out, and over the course of a week it dropped from 60 to 70%,” he explains. HuffPost Xavier Albert, General Manager of Universal Pictures France. “This is one of the most health-damaging films in France where it is usually the young audience who will watch it. d fast and furious“.

Still, the start on July 14 was satisfactory: “We were aiming for 3 to 4 million admissions, which is a pretty big loss to the franchise,” he says. But the distributor was unable to take the film off the stage in time: “I heard the news.” our boss when you were inside Cannes Film Festival There was nothing we could do unfortunately. “You just see what’s going on,” says the general manager. “Movies have to come out anyway, we have an average of one movie a week and we can’t keep them in stock.”

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Attendance rate decreased from 50 to 70%

Another highly anticipated movie that disappointed the French box office. thats it Black Widowdistributed by Disney, which generated just over 1.5 million hits for the fourth consecutive week in theaters. A disappointing result for a release that could certainly have reached over “4 million acceptances” by midsummer, according to Charlene Poudre Biancarello. the film forest rice, which is also from the big-eared company, didn’t take off either. Within two weeks, only half a million people had made the trip to see Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

In addition to these films, cinemas were also unable to achieve the expected turnover. Summer is rarely suitable for major releases, but the reopening of cinemas after the third exclusive has encouraged distributors to take it to theaters in June. “It’s a special summer, because it’s not a good season for a big French production like OSS 117 employment Camelot“And they are the ones who saved up on the cash register,” explains Charlene Poudre Biancarello.

Despite the surprising entries of French films compared to American films, theaters still struggle to attract audiences. “At CGR cinemas, we observed a drop in visitor numbers of approximately 70% during the first week that the health license was imposed,” confirms CGR Cinémas Deputy Director of Marketing. “After 4 weeks of healthy dying, we lost about 50% on good days compared to last summer.” It remains to be seen whether the public will gradually return thanks to the rapid vaccination and whether the distributors will decide not to delay their release until the next school year.

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