What is the impact of Brexit on companies and entrepreneurs?

On February 1 this year, Brexit was a reality. Gradually, it became increasingly clear the impact of the UK’s division on the companies and entrepreneurs in our country.

With a total export value of close to 40 billion euros, the United Kingdom (meaning England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is among the Netherlands’ 5 most important trading partners. Consequently, the entry into force of Brexit will have an impact in several areas for companies trading with the UK, whether it is importing or exporting goods and services.

To help entrepreneurs understand the impact of Brexit on them personally, experts from Baker Tilly and MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Baker Tilly Network Partner UK) have organized webinars on Brexit where they take a hard look at what is happening. Changes and how to respond to this.

The most recent webinar discusses:

  • Merchandise origin – why is it important, what are the risks, but also how do you work on the basis of examples?
  • The Brexit Deal – What Does It Really Mean for Trade?
  • Customs – What information and documents are required to export and import goods?
  • Exports from and imports to the European Union – what are the problems with VAT and customs?
  • E-commerce has changed in the European Union as of July 1, 2021
  • Northern Ireland – What are the latest developments in commodity trade?
  • The future – what would be the strategy for the future, the creation of an entity in the European Union?

The first webinar in the series will highlight the following key points:

  • The outcome of the Brexit negotiations
  • What are the consequences of customs duties and import and export procedures?
  • The importance of the origin of the goods
  • State of affairs and developments relating to Northern Ireland
  • The implications of a value-added tax from an EU and UK perspective
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The Baker Tilly webinars are hosted by Alison Horner, Marisa Hut, Andrew Thurston, Jonathan Mayne, Angela Kerry and Chris Dance.

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